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Team Building

Bushpig Adventures would like to bring to your attention the fantastic Team Building that we provide. The environment that we operate in is safe and within Port Elizabeth. We like to focus our Team Building around the needs of each individual client which gives you the opportunity to mould and build your own adventure around the activities we provide.All the activities that we offer promote communication, deal with conflict resolution and teach the art of treating each other with respect.Activities on offer:

  • Raft Building – Build a raft with limited tools and equipment within a time period. This is done as a team, therefore team work and co-operation is essential
  • Construction Helmet Relay – Using a Hard Hat with a cup stuck to the top you need to negotiate a roman bath, fill your cup with water and then head back over the bath to fill a buck.  All this without touching the Hard Hat….
  • Swamp Crossing – Using specified material, you need to get your whole team across the swamp. This is great for Conflict Resolution and Communication.
  • Gold Shift – Transfer objects from the outside of a circle and into the bucket with limited equipment.  Patience and management of your team is critical.
  • Flag Painting & War Cry – The best way to start an event is by breaking down barriers. Watch the quiet people let loose.
  • Survivor Puzzle – This is a great memory game to get your team to break problems down into smaller pieces. Learn to listen to each other’s ideas and decide as a group.
  • Lateral Thinking Challenges – Complete the various obstacles around the farm as a team. These are all mind based lateral thinking games and require complete team work.
  • Slippery Slide – Have a bit of fun sliding down a 50m water slide into a mud pool.
  • Temptation Obstacle Course –1km of obstacles through the bush with a bowl of water and a thirsty team is always a challenge.
  • Amazing Race – Teams are given clue cards to navigate around the farm. They need to answer questions and complete challenges to receive further information.
  • Water Pipe Challenge – By using your team mates stomach, seal the end of a pipe and fill a pipe, which has lots of holes, with water to retrieve the ping pong ball.
  • African Drumming and Dancing – This is a great way to end off the day’s activities with Drumming and an African Dancing session.

Catering Options:

  • 3 Meat Braai and Garlic Rolls, with a choice of Potato Bake & Baked Veg or 2 Salads.
  • 5 Meat Braai and Garlic Rolls, with a choice of Potato Bake & Baked Veg or 2 Salads.
  • Deboned Legs of Lamb on the Spit with Chicken Kebabs, Wors and Garlic Rolls, with a choice of Potato Bake & Baked Veg or 2 Salads.

Please note that proper cutlery and crockery are used when catering.