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Outbound Education

Bushpig Adventures would like to bring to your attention the fantastic Educational days out that we provide.  The environment that we operate in is safe and within Port Elizabeth.  This program is aimed at Grade 4’s but can be adapted to any age group.Educational Topics on offer:

  • Fruit and Vegetable Farm TourOshry Farms is a well established producer of fruit and vegetables in the Eastern Cape.  The learners are shown how produces is grown from the seed right through until it’s time to pick, pack and distribute.  The produce that is grown on the farm are Cucumbers, Mini Cucumbers, Israeli Gherkins, Celery, Turnips, Spinach, Beetroot, Various Herbs.
  • Indigenous TreesThe larger part of Oshry Farms is still in its original form of an Indigenous Forest.  Learners are led through the forest and are taught how to identify different trees by use of fun local terms and berries.  Learners get to taste some of the berries which the San people used to survive on.
  • Snake IdentificationWith the use of a professional Snake Handler, learners are taught about the different snakes that come from the local area.  The are taught how to identify the venomous snakes and also the non-venomous ones.  Learners get the opportunity to handle the snakes and different mammals and reptiles that have been brought to the bush classroom for the day.
  • Water Safety Education – This is a Sea Rescue initiative whereby learners are taught about water safety.  The do’s and dont’s around the beach and other water areas.  Rip Currents are discussed at length and CPR is included.
  • Beach Outing & Sacramento Trail – The Sacramento Beach outing is great fun and educational at the same time.  Learners are taken from the Sacramento Canon through to Sardinia Bay where they learn about the history of the Sacramento Wreck, Snorkel in a safe secluded pool and then play Beach Soccer, Beach Rounders and Sand Board down the Sards dunes.

All Educational Days are conducted by myself as I believe that attention to detail with all learners is paramount in their development.  Learners are well supervised and learners come away from Educational Days with fun filled memories and knowledge to last a lifetime.